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Double Crush Girl of the Week – Kaley Cuoco & Olivia Munn

Still ceases to amaze me how many crush girls there are out there. If you have a tv sitcom and you need a ditzy blonde, there’s one person you need to cast. And that person is this week’s crush girl of the week, Kaley Cuoco. I’m also feeling generous and adding Queen of all Nerds, Olivia Munn to the this week’s edition also.

Kaley Cuoco


kaley-Her birthday is on November 30th (shares with previous Crush Girl, Elisha Cuthbert)

-Her parents are Gary and Layne Ann Cuoco, and she has a younger sister Briana

-Kaley was schooled on the set and graduated high school at the age of 16

-She began her acting career as a child actress at the age of

-Her first major role was on the tv movie Quicksand: No Mistake and then a bunch of guest roles in random shows like My So-Called Life, Nothern Exposure, These Friends of Mine, 7th Heaven,

-Along with those she was in some small films: Virtuosity, Picture Perfect, Alley Cats kaley-cuoco-charmed-7Strike

-Finally in 2002, Kaley got a recurring role on the hit ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules along with the late John Ritter and Katey Sagal, She played the dumb blonde teen daughter Bridget Hennessey (strangely the actress who played her younger sister is actually 6 years older than her)

-In 2004 she did voice work for Disney Channel’s cartoon Brandy and Mr. Whiskers as the lead character Brandy

-8 Simple Rules came to an end in 2005, she then joined the cast of Charmed for its final season as Billie Jenkins as a new powerful witch the Charmed Sisters must train

-Around these two shows she was in the movies: 10.5, Crimes of Fashion, The Hollow, Loonatics Unleashed

kaley-cuoco-pics-After Charmed she did voice work for the Bratz cartoon and Monster Allergy on kids WB

-In 2007 got a new recurring role on her current show The Big Bang Theory as Penny, the hot blonde neighbor of the 4 nerds

-She would also have two guest starring roles at the same time on the popular shows Eureka, Prison Break ,and Gossip Girl

-Kaley was once a nationally ranked amateur tennis player, and she loves to play table tennis, she also loves to bowl

-She has many dogs including Chijuahua-dachshund mix dog named Petey and a German Shepherd named Duke

-Kaley is also a big fan of previous crush girl Taylor Swift

-Kaley knows how to play the drums





Olivia Munn


575px-Olivia_Munn-She was born on July 2nd

-Olivia real name is Lisa Olivia Munn, but uses Oliva Munn professionally and personally now

-Her parents are Kim and Sam Munn, she is half white and half Chinese (mother side), her mother remarried to a soldier in the Air Force and Olivia spent her childhood moving around, though mostly lived in Tokyo

-She comes from a family of 5 children

-She attended University of Oklahoma as a journalism major and in 2004 interned for Fox Sports Net which she dislike working atoliviamunnwonderwoman55xl0

-She moved to Los Angeles and started her acting career in straight to video movie Scarecrow Gone Wild, appeared in Zebrahead’s music video for their song Hello Tomorrow, and had a role as Mily Acuna a surfer on the drama show Beyond the Break

-Soon afterwards she auditioned and got the job as cohost of G4′s Attack of the Show! along side veteran Kevin Pereira and the rest is history (she was the replacement for Sarah Lane)

-Along with Attack! she has showed up in small films: Big Stan and Insanitarium

olivia-munn2-She has model for various ad campaigns as well as magazines including Foam, Men’s Edge, Complex, Men’s Health, and Italian version of Vanity Fair

-She was the Playboy cover girl for July/August 2009 issue in a non-nude pictorial and before that was Babe of the Month in the February 2007 issue (also non-nude)

-Since 2008, she has made it on hot 100 lists, her highest ranking is #85 on FHM’s list

Olivia will be showing up on Attack of the Show! weeknights, but along with that her future projects include roles in the films Iron Man 2, Date Night, Freeloaders, and The Slammin’ Salmon, also she’ll appear on a future episode of Greek






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